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Bug Sweep UK GSM Bug

Above a bug sweep service carried out at a clients home located this GSM Bug, commonly used because they are cheap to purchase and simple to use.

Bug Sweep UK GSM bug

These GSM bugs detect noise and send a text message to the attacker, this informing the attacker that they can dial into the system and listen into the area live from anywhere in the world.

Bug Sweep

Bug Sweep UK

Above is a GPS tracker, we found this installed into a vehicle.

The tracker was hard wired into the vehicle. Installed by an amateur, but this was effective until we found it. 

Bug Sweeping UK

found this extension lead with a GSM bug installed, the device was active and could have been installed for years.

Above is a covert GSM Bug which we found in a plug socket.
The bug was active so quite easy for us to detect with our equipment.

The sim card provided us with the data phone number of the person who had been dialling into the bug

Bug Sweep Microphone found during a bug sweep. This miniature microphone was connected to a small recorder. Bug Sweep Microphone found during a bug sweep.
This miniature microphone was connected to a small recorder.

A professional Electronic Bug Sweep will detect all electronic bugs. Once found we have quite a few options available.

Depending on the situation we will determine the best course of action to take, in some cases we will disable the device and install our own covert camera to capture the attacker visiting the installation.
In the past we have found covert tracking devices and disabled and removed the working pats, then installing our own system to track the tracker once removed by the installer.

Once we have identified the attacker. We also have the option to inform the Police.

By contacting us directly you will receive a professional bug sweep at a competitive price. We conduct these services for many other Private Investigators, so by coming to us directly you will not be paying third party fees.

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Bug Sweep services are a UK based professional bug sweeping service based in the UK but will travel international to provide our services.

We are experienced Ex Military trained operators who provide this service for many other Private Investigators who do require our skill set. By contacting Bug Sweep UK directly you will receive a professional service at an affordable price. 

We have been conducting our services since 2006, our company is UK registered with companies house also with ICO,  FSB.

We are also members of other accredited security and Private investigation networks including OPS UK Ltd 

OPS provides a wide range of Private investigation services and will give you professional advice if the work you require may benefit from a different service for example if your phone is being monitored you may require a Phone Forensics, and the same would apply if your computer was being monitored, a computer forensic service would be required.

Common questions: Are you able to find out who is spying on me? in the majority of cases we are able to identify the attacker.

How much does a bug sweep cost? this all depends on the size of the task but we are able to conduct a vehicle sweep for £150+Vat.

What happens once you find a device? We will support your wishes  which may be! Take to the police, Use for a court case, find the person who is spying on you.