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Covert camera Installation

Covert camera installer

Also known as Spy camera installations , we offer and specialise in the deployment and installation of covert cameras, and eavesdropping devices (covert Microphones) to help you catch potential thieves, fraudsters, anti social behaviour, catch cheating partner, red-handed. 

We have assisted many other private Investigators, private clients and corporate customers in a wide range of investigations.

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We utilise covert camera installation for our clients in order to collect evidence of abuse, intrusion, theft and anti-social behaviour or to monitor and prevent such incidents. We offer a holistic service that could include written statements and legal advice that is acknowledged by the police and various other legal firms.

Our professional team work all across the United Kingdom and are well-trained in facilitating customised covert camera installation along with recommendations on the ideal equipment placement locations to maximise effectiveness.

In addition to this, we also install audio systems to assist with the full package of evidence.

At Bug Sweep UK., we offer covert camera installation and audio surveillance equipment in addition to covert camera installation. These audio devices allow you to hear live conversations of your selected persons of interest and you could also record them for future reference.

The audio devices can be placed at different locations including your home, office or even vehicle.

covert camera installation and audio devices can be fitted in a matter of seconds and are very useful for tracking and collecting solid evidence when attempting to get to the very heart of the matter during an investigation.

Bug Sweep UK is a reputed private investigation firm that provides written and video evidence matching legal standards, supported by our legal and HR experts.

We also offer specialist services for a number of different agencies which includes other professional Private Investigation firms.

When choosing a company to fulfil your security and surveillance requirements, we understand how crucial it is to be able to trust your contractor implicitly.

We pride ourselves on both our professionalism and absolute discretion when dealing with potentially sensitive information or data from our clients.

Avoid paying any unnecessary third party fees by contacting us directly.

We guarantee you the best quality investigative and surveillance services available all across the United Kingdom. With several years of experience and our ongoing dedication to excellence, we have gone on to become the leading private detective agency in the country today.

To learn more about how we can help you or to engage our services, please contact us at Bug Sweep UK (OPS)

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